Rabies & Rabies ­Related Infections (see Rabies)

Viral Diseases
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Animals Involved

Wild and domestic canids, Mustelidae, Viverridae, Procyonidae, and order Chiroptera (bats) are important reservoir hosts; all mammals are susceptible; bats are reservoir hosts for Duvenhage virus, Australian bat lyssavirus, and European bat lyssaviruses; Mokola virus carried in rodents and shrews

Known Distributions

Rabies is worldwide with some exceptions: completely absent from some islands; countries also considered rabies­free if no cases in people or domestic animals for 2 yr; rabies­ related lyssaviruses found only in Eastern Hemisphere (distribution varies)

Probable Means of Spreading

Bites of diseased animals; aerosols in closed environments

Clinical Manifestations in People

Paresthesias or pain at bite site; nonspecific prodromal signs such as fever, myalgia, malaise; mood changes progress to paresthesias, paresis, seizures, and many other neurologic signs; survival in clinical cases thought to be very rare

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