Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (see Equine Arboviral Encephalomyelitis)

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Animals Involved

Birds are principal reservoir hosts in North America, snakes might have role in overwintering virus; rodents, marsupials might be reservoir hosts in South America; clinical cases seen in equids and occasionally other mammals and birds; mammals are almost always dead­end hosts

Known Distributions

Western hemisphere

Probable Means of Spreading

Mosquito bites; Culiseta melanura important in maintenance cycle in birds in North America; various mosquito species (Aedes, Coquillettidia, Culex) can transmit to people

Clinical Manifestations in People

Nonspecific febrile illness may be followed by severe encephalitis, especially with North American lineage; neurologic sequelae common after encephalitis; case fatality rate 30%–70% with North American lineage; more severe in infants and elderly

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