Babesiosis (see Babesiosis)

Parasitic Diseases, Protozoans

Animals Involved

Rodents, insectivores, lagomorphs, some other mammals; reservoirs uncertain for some species

Known Distributions

Babesia spp worldwide in wild animals, many agents not identified to species; human illness due to B microti complex reported in North America (most), Europe, Asia, Australia

Probable Means of Spreading

Bite of infected Ixodes ticks for B microti

Clinical Manifestations in People

Many immunocompetent patients may have mild to moderate fluĀ­like, febrile illness; mild to severe hemolytic anemia, especially severe in immunocompromised and elderly; respiratory, hepatic, renal, and other organ dysfunction; recurrent or chronic infection may develop; dual infection with B burgdorferi may worsen both diseases; death possible in severe cases

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