Sporotrichosis (see Sporotrichosis)

Fungal Diseases
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Animals Involved

Cats, other mammals, birds

Known Distributions

Worldwide; epizootics in cats in South America

Probable Means of Spreading

Primarily environmental in vegetation, wood, soil; inoculation from environment in penetrating wounds (splinters, bites, pecks), skin contact with lesions, especially in cats; bites, scratches, other close contact implicated during feline epidemics; inhalation rare

Clinical Manifestations in People

Papules, pustules, nodules, ulcerative skin lesions, may follow course of draining lymphatics; mucosa can be affected; extracutaneous involvement, especially
bones, joints; disseminated disease (including meningitis) can be seen in immunocompromised; acute or chronic pulmonary disease resembling tuberculosis after inhalation, especially with underlying lung disease (rare)

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