Cryptococcosis (see Cryptococcosis)

Fungal Diseases
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Animals Involved

Birds including pigeons, psittacines (mainly grows in guano; temporary colonization of intestinal tract also possible); clinical cases in cats, other mammals

Known Distributions


Probable Means of Spreading

Principally environmental exposure, especially pigeon nests for C neoformans, trees for C gattii; via inhalation or through the skin; infection common in people and animals, insignificant as zoonosis

Clinical Manifestations in People

Respiratory signs, mild to severe, often self­ limiting in healthy host but more likely to be severe in immunocompromised; dissemination with CNS disease, ocular signs, other syndromes, most often in immunocompromised; skin lesions, either localized from inoculation (uncommon) or from disseminated disease

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