Coccidioidomycosis (see Coccidioidomycosis)

Fungal Diseases
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Animals Involved

Cattle, sheep, horses, llamas, dogs, many other mammals

Known Distributions

Especially southwestern USA, Mexico, Central and South America; in arid or semiarid foci; some cases might be acquired outside usual foci

Probable Means of Spreading

Principally environmental exposure (inhalation of arthrospores), including fungal cultures; infection common in people and animals, one unusual case reported after necropsy of horse with disseminated disease

Clinical Manifestations in People

Self­limited, febrile, flu­like illness, sometimes with cough, chest pain in healthy host; serious, possibly life­threatening pulmonary disease or disseminated infection with cutaneous/subcutaneous lesions, persistent meningitis or osteomyelitis, especially in immunocompromised

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