Melioidosis (Pseudoglanders, see Melioidosis)

Bacterial Diseases
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Animals Involved

Sheep, goats, swine; occasional cases in many other terrestrial and aquatic mammals; also reptiles, some birds including parrots, tropical fish

Known Distributions

Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, Middle East, Caribbean

Probable Means of Spreading

Wound infection, inhalation, and ingestion; organisms live in soil and surface water; most cases are acquired from environment, but direct transmission from animals is possible

Clinical Manifestations in People

Mimics many other diseases; acute localized infections, including skin lesions, cellulitis, abscesses, corneal ulcers; pulmonary disease, septicemia, internal organ abscesses; often occurs in immunocompromised; case fatality rate varies with form, >90% in untreated septicemia

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